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…will be days I never forget.  What does it mean to see “The Light?”  That term is often denoted when we have a “eureka” or “aha” moment.  That point in time when clarity about a thing, person, situation or decision is formed.  I have eureka moments often, but for today’s purpose, I mean the bright, white light that is often seen by those who are about to transcend to the heavens….that light when God begins revelation in one’s life…my life.

Today is October 15th and we are half-way through Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  As I reflect, I am thankful for a lot of things, #1 I’M ALIVE!  My reflection also brings me to a dark time during my cancer journey when I gave up.  The disease and treatment was taking a toll on my body.  I literally gave up – physically, mentally and spiritually.  I asked God to please watch over my child and give my family the means and strength to raise him.  I was done.  As I sat in a wheelchair in a CT room waiting to be scanned I began to drift.  The hustle and bustle of hospital noise became distant yet The Light became brighter and brighter.  In the distance I saw the form of Christ himself standing there with a broken chain in his hand.  He didn’t move nor did He say a word.  My eyes went from Him, to the chain and back to Him.  At that point my eyes popped open and all the hospital noise filled my ear.  Nearly four years ago to the date The Light is just as visible as the day I saw it.   It was then I knew it was not my time and it is now I am reminded of my purpose.

Fast forward to today.  I’ve seen The Light again.  Not the bright, white light, but The Light of God’s love.  God saying to me “this is the will I have for you, now do it.”  I don’t take that love for granted.  Now it’s time to do it.  “Do what?” you ask.  Thanks for asking.  As the saying goes, I’m doing me.  Doing me is His will for me.  It’s time to clean house (literally and I hate housework).  All this stuff I’ve been holding on to that no longer has relevance in my life is soon to be gone.  It’s time to work in my passion and work God’s given talent.  Be on the lookout for my books and speaking engagements.  May my works and words inspire, educate and motivate.  Watch my physical transformation. Yeah, I’ve been saying this for a while.  I’m just going to seek prayers for me on that one. LOL! The struggle continues to be real, especially since we’ve entered the holiday season.  Man…why did I have to be addicted to sweets and junk food and resistant to exercise.  HA!  I need a motivational partner in the exercise realm.  I do good for a while then tumble off that wagon. Sheesh…  (I still have grandiose desires of running that 1/2 marathon)

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To my Survivor Sisters, I STAND WITH YOU.  To my sisters currently fighting the fight, I SUPPORT YOU.  To those that have succumbed to cancer I HONOR YOU.  To the caregivers, I ADMIRE YOU.