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…and today I am thankful for that.  Yes I am!  Truly grateful because it wasn’t on purpose.  If you read my past blog posts I have been on a roller coaster weight ride in the past year.  I’m not where I used to be because I swore i’d never cross a certain threshold again; I’ve stayed true to that <insert fist bumps…I thank you>.  But the weight has fluctuated.  I weigh more than I did this time last year (with determination to be back by the end of the year), but I found reason to celebrate.

I have a pair of pants I purchased earlier this year.  Fit me really well.  By summer, my thighs were not having it.  Truth be told, my thighs nor my waist!  So all summer this pair of pants sat in my closet with a smirk on its face.  Buster.  Well look who’s getting the last laugh…Ha!  [Yeah, I talk to myself and to my clothes.  No, I am not crazy – you do have to encourage yourself at times.]  Soon they will be too big, I hope.

Other good news…glucose level is down.  I’m serious about that one.  I will be off the meds in 2016.  And, come Friday, I will begin my marathon training again.  I’m going to take it slow.  Thinking about running the 1/2 marathon in Chicago next year. Help me!  Seriously…somebody help me!!!

The struggle continues to be real!  My road to health has to take a serious path.  God granted me a stay and allowed me to fight a life-threatening, life-altering disease and win!  As a friend shared with me, life is to short to take it for granted.  It’s why he began to take care of his temple, no excuses.  I join in the sentiment.  Life is way too short…and what a wonderful life I am living.  Yes, it will be even more wonderful when i shed a chunk more lbs.

P.S.  Join me in November for my 30 Days of Thanks.  Daily, post what you are thankful for.  Follow me on Instagram & Twitter: @kamckinnor to read mine.  Below is my Instagram pic for today.  Yep, I am so happy to get into those pants.  Plus they are black…makes me look even more slimmer.  LOLOL!