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To reach the ninth month you have to journey approximately 243 days. If you tried walking across the United States coast to coast you probably could do it with days to spare. Zachary Bonner, a 12-year old advocate for homeless children, did it in about 175 days. If you started a new habit you could have developed at least 8 by now. How many books could you have written or read? How many “I love you’s” could you have said? How many “forgive me’s” would you make and how many “you’re forgiven” could you take?

Mary, the mother of Jesus, had a nine month journey. During this period, she carried a baby within her womb that was not fathered by her husband. When he first got the news he was heartbroken and shattered. But instead of cursing her out, stalking her, keying her car, making a scene at her work…

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