…wait.  Am I sure I am ready to go?  For my year-end post, as many do, I’d like to reflect a moment.  I’m still here and I thank God as there is a reason for it.  I’m not as healthy as I’d like to be but it’s not as bad as it could be as I have all my faculties.  I didn’t work out like I should have but I can still walk and run, bend and straighten.  I gained a few lbs back, 10 to be exact but remained under a weight I said I’d never hit again.  I shed some tears yet cleansed my soul.  I left a job and gained another.  I lost friends but are they really friends if you lose them?  Maybe I should say I lost acquaintances because my tried and true friends are ride or dies…with each other until the end.  I learned and acknowledge some hard, ugly truths about myself and commit to change.  I’ve been up more days than I have been down.  I have bad days, many of them, and I have double the amount of fabulous ones.  I’ve had bad attitudes and extended a helping hand.  I’ve hated and I’ve loved.  I’ve envied and I’ve congratulated. I’ve rolled my eyes and I’ve smiled.  I’ve thought and I’ve acted.  I gave up and I’ve started fresh.  I’ve let go and let God.  I’ve feared and have immersed myself in faith.  With that…I’m ready…let’s GO!

Next year I will share my intentions for the new year.  For now, I want to leave you with a song.  I was watching a performance of this song with someone last week and I mentioned how I loved the song.  He asked if I knew who wrote/performed the original.  I couldn’t remember.  He said Nina Simone.  “That’s right!” I said.  Which gets me to thinking, we often forget how we start, we forget the fire we had in the beginning, we forget the reasons why…but let’s always remember, with any and everything, tomorrow, God willing, is a new day…A New Dawn.  Happy New Year!

And the chorus sings:

It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day, it’s a new life, For me, And I’m feeling Good.  Nina Simone