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…it’s sure to be something else.  Every time I start to train to run shiggedy happens.  First time I had to stop training due to reconstructive surgery.  The next time it was a meniscus tear (although not fully confirmed but that’s what the ER doctor suggested and I’m standing by it).  This time, I possibly have a slipped disc in my neck.  I say possibly because I’m sitting, as I type, waiting to get x-rayed. (You know these medical imaging offices take forever; I could write my life story right now)  This pain has been going on for over a month.  My entire right arm hurts and my fingers are numb.  I can’t feel the keyboard on my phone.  I have to move my entire upper body to glance over my shoulder.  The right shoulder is 3″ higher than the left having me look like Quasimodo.  My only semi-relief comes when I’m laying down.  This pain…ugh…I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy…even if some come very close to it. IJS 😏

Thus, once again, training is on hold.  What do you do to alleviate discouragement?  Each time I make up my mind to train for that 1/2 marathon something physically prevents it.  I don’t know if my angels are protecting me from passing out during a run or what? Now that I think about it…hmmm… 

This too shall pass, I guess.  In the words of the six million dollar man (yep, I’m dating myself) I will come back better, stronger, faster.  Ha! Let’s hope so.  I’m thinking, if it took six million dollars to build the bionic man in the 1970’s, I wonder what would today’s value be to rebuild me? [to my blockhead brother who will read this “HUSH!” Don’t answer that question – no comments from the peanut gallery]πŸ˜„