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…I went!  Yeah I know that doesn’t rhyme but who cares, I FINALLY got back in the gym.  It’s been a while, a long while, over a year since I graced the floors of a gym.  It’s not that I didn’t want to go, I had other financial priorities and a gym membership wasn’t one of them.  Yes, I know that’s no excuse.  I could work out at home, outdoors (not in the summer in Arizona), etc. etc. etc.  I didn’t.  Should I have been, yep.  Was the intention there, yep.  Did I, nope.  Now that I got that out, here’s how it went.

First, let me admit that I signed up for another gym membership over a month ago with the idea that I was going to work out nearly every day during my free month, after all, I have a 30 year class reunion coming up, Go Pirates. That’s what my mouth said.  Didn’t happen.  😕Last night, after having worked, Bible study, and outreach I wanted to go sit and have some wings and drink.  Mind you, my plan that morning was to do all I mentioned except the food/drink, I planned to for the gym to be my final stop.  My bag was in the car and I was headed to go eat, drink and be merry.  I am thankful I got a PUSH I needed.  An encouragement to just go.  Don’t divert, “go workout.”  After stopping at three different stores I reluctantly went.


I’m back! Baby Workout. Photo snapped at Plant Fitness.

It was a long walk from the parking lot to the inside of the door. I sat and pushed myself to go. The parking lot was full and I thought, “ugh, too many people, I don’t feel like this.”  I kept pushing.  I sat in the car perusing through social media, mentally I kept pushing.  I walked really slow going in, I kept pushing.  I fumbled through my purse to find my member card, I kept pushing.  I momentarily stared at the bucket of Tootsie Rolls on the desk, sheesh – the struggle.  I resisted and kept pushing.  I made it to the locker room, changed and hit the treadmill.  I PUSHED MYSELF!

I did a solid 45 minutes of cardio (not incl cool downs).  I didn’t push too hard on the workout wanting to ease by body through the shock of it all.  I was panting on a 2.0 speed on the treadmill. LOL!  When I paused at 5 min to stretch…ohhhh…my ligaments were so tight, felt like pulling steel.  I gradually increased the speed and incline.  35 min done.  On to the elliptical.  Sweating.  Heart rate up and now I have my mojo back. 18 min done.  I was ready to keep gong but stopped.  I know my body.

Today, yes I said today because my bag is in the car, I will go further. Ab work.  By Monday, I’ll have a plan for an upper/lower body routine incorporating weights.  So now I can spit the rhymes…Hi ho, hi ho off to the gym I go!   #SurvivorTales

P.S. I did grab a couple of Tootsie Rolls on my way out.  One step at a time.😏

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