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…and as of October 4th, four days in, it’s a challenge for real.  What’s the challenge you ask?  It’s 30 days of exercise, at least 30 minutes every-single-day.  Seems easy right?  Yep, until all the excuses and reasons you had before seem to still be there. I have not been to the gym the past few days.  I just haven’t.  But, I have been adjusting my habits.

Sunday instead of driving the mile to the hospital to visit my mom I walked.  It’s not that far and was a way to get in exercise.  I also did some yoga poses for stretching.

Monday I did not set aside the 30 minutes but I did something else.  I took the stairs.  I park on the 5th floor of the garage and I forced myself to walk.  I was out of breath and ready to break the glass on the fire extinguisher just because it said “in an emergency.”  I also made the decision to watch what I eat.  I didn’t stuff myself with candy, snacks, cookies and cakes like I may do on any given day – most days to be honest.  For dinner I had a kale chopped salad and okra.  No meat!!  Didn’t want it and released the feeling that I needed it to make my meal complete.  Let me backtrack.  The okra was fried okra but it was fresh, crisp and homemade (at the restaurant) and was sooo good.  I guess that was my meat substitution.  And only one glass of wine.

Tuesday I took the stairs again (pats self on the back, looks for oxygen mask) and instead of getting in my car and driving the 1/2 mile to grab lunch, I walked.  It felt really good.  Last night while doing laundry I decided I needed to get 30 min of movement so I walked, yet again.  During each cycle I went outside and walked briskly.  I could not let myself stay stagnant.  Check out what Pacer said I did on my phone (see pic).IMG_3493

Today, Wednesday, as I sit and gaze at this beautiful day from the 21st floor of my office, I’m also psyching myself up to take the stairs down 21 flights when I leave for the day.  Don’t laugh, it’s harder than you think.  I was forced to for a fire drill and baby when I tell you my legs felt like melted jello…ooohweee.  That’s what I’m going to do.  No, I can’t take them up because of security measures I won’t be able to get on to my floor and I don’t want to be left for dead when around flight 6 I pass out; BUT, when I go to the gym tonight, I will hit 21 flights on the stair master and try, really hard, not to fall over that rail.  Note to Planet Fitness: please have paramedics on standby…please.

Moral of this story:  I hope I’m incorporating healthy habits in my life, every day, that will last a lifetime.  By the way, I’m intending to blog my challenge (a challenge in and of itself) every day.  Tune in tomorrow…

P.S.  It’s October and you know what that means…Pink Out.  It’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  I am a survivor and this is my continuous survival journey.